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  • Be careful. Support does not exist

    Por L P Almeida
    This is an interesting app, but if you have any issues and need their support assistance, forget about it! The support chat has a bot system that goes nowhere and, if you have a different query, it says it will connect you to an assistant but this never happens. Instead you keep receiving emails that are impossible to understand and repeat the same questions of the chat bot. BE CAREFUL as this might be an example indication if the general low sophistication of the business and your data might be easily compromised!
  • Used to be great!

    Por @Ridoboss
    This App used to be great for w/e you’re looking for. Now, after this last update I can’t even send or receive messages from the matches I have or get. Customer support doesn’t reply to any problem you have and refunds from the wasted uplifts I guess won’t be granted. Despite all of this.. once again this App was great!
  • New version doesn’t work

    Por Bionez
    Unfortunately the new version has lots of instabilities and the user experience is confusing. What happens?
  • Blocked

    Conta bloqueada sem quaisquer motivos, e sem qualquer resposta da equipa de apoio!
  • The most interesting app for dating

    Por VMCarva
    Definitely the best dating app (This was my comments, before the update!!) The app is definitely not working good as it used to 🥲
  • Update made it worse

    Por Ezerlib
    Always look for people nearby but I believe that there is a lot of fake profiles specially with Asian women profiles that appear with same photo in different users and keeping appear nearby when the should be far far away. After update I can’t match anyone, since the time counter to match again keeps resetting each day, without liking anyone
  • Money scam/ One of the worst experiences of usage

    Por Rodric Kaishakunin
    They charge money but then you get nothing and nobody in support answers you. They update the app and it logs you out then you have to confirm via mail to login, when you click the link to login it sends you to the App Store instead of the app, when you reopen the app it says it will send you an email, not an amusing loop. Should hire better programmers and coders
  • buggy

    Por kasiatheslav
    the previous version had some hang-ups in the chat. the new v 7.0.0 is so buggy I can't even match with people and the number of my likes is visible but they don't show on the list (majestic). really poor experience :/
  • Não funciona

    Por Ibacelar
    Com a última atualização não faz login. Não enfia email pars logar
  • new version is barely working

    Por nastyatoki
    love the app but the with updating last version — stopped working. after deleting and downloading i can see new design but the app is barely working — slo-mo changes and updades really slowly. and! it is crashes and i have to log in every 15 minutes. i’m having a majestic membership (which is expensive) and expect to use the app, but it it is not working
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