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  • The best

    Por Alex 192732892
    Really the best app for colour correction
  • Its time for a full blown version for iPad

    Por Tynytyny
    At least for the new iPad Pro M1, M2 Software developers are the the ones denying the title of "Pro" on these devices
  • Lightroom

    Por Nonfungaltoken
    What else?!
  • Still better than the competition, yet not without its flaws

    Por vdubovitsky
    Despite remaining ahead of its competitors, the app is not without its shortcomings. The lack of essential video editing features such as rotation and curves is a significant oversight. The recent UI overhaul has unfortunately made accessing frequently used features more cumbersome, requiring additional taps and thereby worsening the user experience. What would greatly benefit users is enhanced customization options, allowing for a more tailored experience with shortcuts for favorite tools. Additionally, a more intuitive UI that adapts to the user’s editing habits, offering base presets that align with their workflow, would be immensely beneficial. However, it’s crucial that in pursuing these improvements, the app avoids becoming bloated with experimental features that may detract from its core functionality.
  • Helder Das Neves

    Por Photography Helder
    Muito bem continuem assim
  • Love this app

    Por Felicia Sundberg
    Very good functions for editing photos!
  • Superb

    Por zelito
    Does everything quite well.
  • Erro do sistema

    Por Pghitgafjdlk
    Neste momento não está a dar para importar edições em XMP no iPhone.
  • The best photo editor .

    Por Ten1981
    Not much to say about it it the best platform for editing your pictures just wish it was not so expensive to maintain my pictures in adobe cloud
  • Não consigo importar fotografias

    Por Grissgrosss
    Diz que não tenho acesso às fotografias e tenho de dar permissão, dou ok para aceder à permissão e não aparece a opção, péssimo.
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