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  • Account removed

    Por ramoran
    I used to do a lot of pics in VSCO, but since I update the app the filter C1 my favourite, now I have to pay, I don’t understand
  • it was my favourite app, now it’s just annoying me

    Por sofsrkive
    I use VSCO since i had my very first iPhone, it’s been 10 years now. As a big fan, it makes me so sad to watch the app getting more and more interdict… and being transformed into an all-paying app. I used to edit all my photos with the amazing C1 filter, used grain, used color tools, the app was really great, had a good amount of free filters and tools… I shared my life from my camera’s point of view, now I can’t even share to my vsco profile, why?? The app is getting slow, it has a lot of bugs, almost everything is paid now… It makes me so sad… old VSCO Cam, you’ll be always remembered 🫶🏻
  • Charging for already paid filters

    Por Alex F. A.
    I loved VSCO and have used it for years but I’m very frustrated with the direction they’re taking the app. Years ago I payed to use some of the premium filters but now the app is forcing me to sign up for an annual subscription to use the same filters I had already paid for. Outrageous! This should be ilegal. I’m deleting the app and will be looking into editing my pictures with a different app.
  • Grain for video

    Por alchinto
    Please put back grain for videos 😿
  • Ladroes !

    Por beatrizsilvarosa
    Não tinha nenhuma subscrição feita e saiu-me 21.99€, quero o meu reembolso pois não irei pagar por isso !
  • Problema

    Por Inespinta07
    Não consigo instalar a aplicação no meu telemóvel
  • 😧

    Por demorou mas chegou limdoo
    Gosto muito, mas desanimei quando a opção grau passou a ser paga.
  • The worst support

    Por alisavelieva
    I’ve been a paid user of VSCO for years and I’m struggling with the app a lot, but that’s ok, I understand how tech products work. What frustrates me is that support team doesn’t care helping at all. I’ve been writing tons of emails that the app doesn’t work showing the server error and they always told me it’s my problem, they can’t help. And at the same time they were sending me marketing emails to upgrade for more expensive plan. Now I bought a new iPhone and logged in to my VSCO account there and guess what, a lot of presets that I’ve been using for years with my paid subscription are unavailable now, they are locked and the app is offering me to upgrade to pro to use them. At the same time they are still available on my old iPhone. And again no one will help me, they will write me something formal and meaningless, which is sad because I’m was a super loyal customer for years
  • Paying for full getting the basic

    Por c.m.d.ias
    I'm paying for one year full access and with some changes they did on the app adding new levels now I'm getting basic accesses but still paying. After trying to reach out the customer support not even an answer I got. It was good once but now it it seems to be more like a scam.
  • It was a great app, until every tool is now under subscription

    Por lau maria
    This used to be a great app, but I truly don’t understand why basic features and editing tools are now ALSO in the subscriptions options. So, unless you opt for the premium subscription, it’s not much better than your phone editor. Truly disappointing. That you have features and tools that are exclusive for members, it’s all fine. But basic things like tuning HSL levels? Really? Among so many others basic editing tool, like clarity and tones?!! What a laugh.
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