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  • Doesn’t work

    Por RRac79
    iOS iPad. The app freezes more than it works. Haven’t managed to watch a single second of video because it takes forever to load or change a tab. I usually get bored or give up before it loads.
  • Not able to play course videos in ipad

    Por kmithun9
    It says no internet, but I do have internet, tried to download but it automatically can cells after 5 seconds. Please fix this. Ipad pro 11inch. Ios 15.3.1
  • Extend the sale

    Por MdaCash
    I wish UDEMY would extend the offer for 8.99 for all courses like Networking CCNA Full and 100 Python coding from Angela only got lent some money today I’m totally broke not working at the moment… Kind Regards CM
  • Sometimes thjs app works very bad

    Por ACFR2000
    Since the last message i leave here, the app improved, and functions a lot better, but it now have another problem that happens constantly … the courses that i download (i have enough memory to download several courses) appears next day or so, deleted from the disk of ipad/iphone. Its not acceptable, because it happens always. And it should never happen!!! I just bought more than 2 hundred courses, and in the end, i begin to buy with a second account, because is to much courses to have in one account. Maybe if you could build a way to arrange the courses in type of courses, or even better, we could create our types of courses to classify and organize our courses by type Thank you
  • Can’t sign in

    Por Burningmysoul
    Tried signing with Apple Id says can’t recognize my account, tried with my Google account says can’t recognize my account, tried with Facebook says can’t recognize my account. Finally tried signing in with email and says there’s a problem trying to sign in. If you’re trying to stop new members from signing in you should just remove this app from the store. I’m out, goodbye!
  • Boa aplicação

    Por Joel-Teixeira
    Gostei da quantidade e qualidade dos cursos, mas a App da Apple TV não está a funcionar.
  • Error

    I can’t saw the classe. I start a new and then touch stops to work, and legends stop to. Please work this out.
  • App stopped Apple TV open on Appletv

    Por valentebruno
    I love to use the app in my appletv. Today after update to tvOS 14.0.2 it won’t load the app. Appletv modelA1625 32gb
  • Login error

    Por Igor Andrade
    I'm not able to sign in to the app. Every time I try to enter it, an error message appears: “AuthUnknownErr” And when I try to login on my computer it works.
  • Tudo muito bom, mas...

    Por JoanaP1234
    Tudo muito bom, muito parecido ao computador, no entanto não dá para aceder a algum conteúdo dos cursos, como por exemplo ás tarefas.
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