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Vá para a Appstore via seu smartphone e procure por Stretchit Stretching Mobility, clique no ícone para obter o download do aplicativo em seu telefone .

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Você pode obter Stretchit Stretching Mobility baixando via App store em telefone . Abra a App store e procure por Stretchit Stretching Mobility pressione no ícone para obter o o aplicativo no seu telefone móvel.
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Experiências com Stretchit Stretching Mobility?

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  • Professional App

    Por Duart_555
    I start my dar withstood app and makes a big difference and makes me fell better. The only thing I would improve is the duration of the exercises, to see improvements you need to continuously be pausing the video and do more reps but it’s a really good app
  • Cant do anything on the app without paying

    Por ruifranca
  • I really like this app

    Por Antoś88
    It’s pushing me to focus no exercise and to listen my body. Everything it’s well presented and I also like the fact that don’t have any music only clean voice of instructor and if I want I can play my own playlist. The classes are not boring which for me it’s really big +. Highly recommended. ♥️
  • Great content . Annoying app

    Por JohannaJJJ
    Great stretching training content!! A lot of variety and well organized. The app itself is not the best, very basic interactions and very annoying “training settings” screen always popping up
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