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  • Love it!

    Por Joanapinto6
    Love this app, have it for years almost since the start. It gives insights about my personal journey, it inspires me, it calms me down, it gives me strength it makes me believe and trust in myself. This year I decided to subscribe and it’s the best I’ve done! I love the audios, and her soothing voice! And humor too! I just wished I could have a one to one conversation with the makers because it’s really well made and gives me power! Thank you! Keep on the good work!
  • Was it sold to a finance bro?

    Por 101Gabrielle
    App looks horrible
  • It’s really amazing

    Por abs2303
    I’ve just had a wonderful explanation of why and how I come to be who I am and it’s just amazing
  • They change their design and its not the same antemure

    Por rolling266
    As I saw someone mention it’s very true, the design and the overall interaction with the features changed and it’s just not it. I used to use this app every day and always convinced people I know to use it but not anymore. Sometimes I install it just to see what’s happening and that’s it.
  • disappointing

    Por natachamonteiro1
    this app used to be amazing in all aspects. a lot of the features worked for free and now you have to pay A LOT for something that is becoming mediocre. I understand people who develop the app need to get paid, but in all honesty, it looks like crap and works like crap. It’s my time to let go 🫶
  • Cant swipe

    Por bsharpmel
    I cant swipe right or left on the app
  • Incredible tool of self-discovery

    Por Sorbetcassis
    Just good as it is! Not overwhelmed with all kind of bling-bling things that rob your time or attention. Simple, clean, easy to use. Thank you!
  • Hello

    Por kp kamara
    Something wrong with the last update sorry nothing is working
  • Update…

    Por Oi gamer
    It’s a nice concept, but the new update ruined my experience with it. Really bad move!
  • The content itself is great

    Por VRAP96
    What is messing everything up is the new design's update and lack of info development on the natal's wheel - for those who dont know how to read it, is absolutely useless.
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